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Autism Awareness 2023 patch


Bearded Villains London Chapter are proud to announce the release of our first patch of 2023 in support of.....


This is a 4" iron on patch with embroidered rim and lettering with sublimation imagery.


For so long, autism awareness has been symbolised by a puzzle piece but times are changing and so too must we.

The puzzle piece gives the symbolism that autistic people are a problem to be solved or that they are overly complex.

There’s also the fact that puzzles are typically something played by children, and it tends to promote a stereotype that autism is a children’s diagnosis.

Much of the Autisic community have been moving away from the puzzle piece so with the start of a new year, BVLC are doing the same.

The rainbow-coloured infinity symbol is a popular symbol among autistic people and autism rights advocate, symbolising a broad and varied spectrum of experiences.

Please show your support for Autism Awareness by purchasing one of our NEW, limited run, autism awareness patches.

All profits will be going to London Autism Group Charity